There are some components in GNOME that optionally integrate with Mono-based
    tools, particularly Beagle. Yelp can depends on 'libbeagle' which provides
    an interface to Beagle for C-based applications, but itself does not depend
    on Mono at all.

That is a relief.  However, this statement is disturbing:

    You can remove Mono from modern FLOSS desktop systems without removing
    GNOME itself, though you'll miss out on some cool stuff like f-spot,
    Beagle, Tomboy and so on.

The more "cool stuff" depends on Mono, the closer we get to a
situation where a Microsoft attack on Mono would put GNOME in a vice.

If these programs are important enough to deserve the term "miss out on",
then I think they should be written in another language.

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