Le vendredi 30 novembre 2007, à 08:49 -0500, Joe Shaw a écrit :
> On 11/29/07, Vincent Untz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Le jeudi 29 novembre 2007, à 18:03 -0500, Joe Shaw a écrit :
> > > It's been frustrating over the past few years that GNOME hasn't taken
> > > a firm position on the issue.  I have personally felt very in limbo
> > > because my application is in C#, and it would make me much more
> > > comfortable if the community and/or the foundation came out strongly
> > > in support of it as a first-class language and environment, or to
> > > reject it from ever becoming a core piece of the platform.
> >
> > It depends what you call "platform" :-) If it's the GNOME Developer
> > Platform, it is my understanding that there's a consensus we want to
> > keep the platform in C.
> Indeed, I wasn't totally clear on this.
> I do believe things get a little muddied when we start talking about
> things like daemons, D-Bus interfaces, etc.  My understanding is that
> we want the Platform in C because it makes it usable from all
> applications and bindable into other languages.  But libbeagle is a C
> library that talks over a IPC to a C# running daemon.  Does that make
> it suitable for platform?  Can D-Bus interfaces become part of the
> platform?

I think it's better to have an IPC interface (most probably dbus
interface) in the platform than a library that does the work.

And yes, I think it makes sense to have dbus interfaces in the platform.

> > The main issue here is that each time a
> > mono-based app is proposed, there are comments only made on the fact
> > that it's mono-based. Also, quite often, there are comments for python
> > apps because it's slow, memory-hungry, etc.
> Indeed, the technical arguments are sane and good criteria to
> determine a module's suitability.  But the philosophical and moral
> objections, to borrow a phrase, are what seem to create a double
> standard in my eyes.

Sorry, my point wasn't clear: people have been arguing that the python
apps are bad. Sometimes it's true and there's data to prove it, but
sometimes it's just an argument used because it's python... So it's bad
too. The real point that there will always be people complaining about
the language something is written in :/


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