as per point 1.3 of [1], here it comes a list of members in need of a
renew in case they didn't receive their individual e-mail:

First name Last name, (Last renewed on)

Marcin Kolny, 2014-09-23
Francisco DiƩguez Souto, 2014-10-07
Simon Feltman, 2014-10-08
Federico Mena Quintero, 2014-10-08
Matthias Clasen, 2014-10-07
Thomas Bechtold, 2014-09-23
Sagar Ghuge, 2014-10-07
Jose Angel Diaz Diaz, 2014-10-16
Michael Meeks, 2014-09-23
Thomas Wood, 2014-09-23
Jonathan Blandford, 2014-10-16
Stefan Kost, 2014-09-23
Sam Thursfield, 2014-09-23
Rodrigo Moya, 2014-09-23

The Renewal form can be found at [2].

   GNOME Membership and Elections Committee

[1] https://mail.gnome.org/archives/foundation-list/2011-November/msg00000.html
[2] http://www.gnome.org/foundation/membership/apply/

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