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= Foundation Board Minutes for Monday 25 February, 2019, 16:30 UTC =

== Attending ==

 * CarlosSoriano
 * NeilMcGovern
 * NuritziSanchez
 * RosannaYuen
 * PhilipChimento
 * FedericoMenaQuintero
 * RobMcQueen
 * KatGerasimova

== Regrets ==

 * AllanDay

== Agenda ==

 * GUADEC 2020 call for bids (Kat)
 * Outreachy interships for May 2019 (Philip)
 * Trip to !LibrePlanet (Neil)
 * Updates from last week's hack week (Nuritzi)

== Minutes ==

 * GUADEC 2020 call for bids
   * We should start organizing a call for bids. Kat is interested in doing
     * Nuritzi: Kat, go for it! How might we include Foundation staff as
     * Kat: It would be helpful if Foundation staff could do the legwork of
       * Neil: Let me know what will be necessary.
   * ACTION: Kat to email Neil about the support that will be necessary
from Foundation staff.

 * Outreachy interships for May 2019
    * Philip: We received an email from Marina Zhurakhinskaya asking
whether we'll participate in Outreachy. Last round we had 3 internship
spots. We need to make a decision on how many slots we can take in this
round. Does the board need to vote on this every time, or can this just be
covered by the budget?
      * Neil: The board does need to vote; it's too much money to do it
    * Carlos: Outreachy happens twice a year, so do we need to fundraise
    * Philip: Last time, there was talk of spending the Developing Nations
fund on this if it was necessary to free up more funding for internships. (
    * Kat: We need more community involvement in running Outreachy.
    * Nuritzi: How many internships? Three is in line with our diversity
and inclusion goals and also is in line with feedback we've had from our
advisory board.
    * Neil: If the board wants 3 interns, it needs to vote on it.
    * Philip: Can we vote on the internships in principle, conditional on
whether there's money available for them? The deadline is March 5, so we
need to have an answer for Marina before the next board meeting.
      * Neil: Yes, I can investigate and reply to Marina.
    * Federico: There was something about encouraging interns to apply
through Google Summer of Code?
      * Philip: This was up to the interns themselves in cases where the
same project was being offered for mentorship through either program. The
stipends from Outreachy and GSoC can work out differently in different
countries, so interns who are eligible for both programs can potentially to
apply through whichever program is more advantageous to them.
    * VOTE: Approve up to three internships for the Outreachy May '19
round, conditional on approval by Neil.
      * +1 unanimous
    * ACTION: Neil to notify Marina of the decision.

 * Trip to !LibrePlanet
   * Neil intends to go to !LibrePlanet in Cambridge (Mass.) at the end of
March, possibly with a booth.
   * VOTE: Approve Neil's travel to !LibrePlanet
     * +1 unanimous

 * Updates from last week's hack week
   * Deferred, please send updates to the mailing list or post on IRC.

== Actions ==

 * Kat - Email Neil about what support will be necessary from Foundation
staff for organizing the GUADEC 2020 call for bids.
 * Neil - Investigate Outreachy internships expenses and notify Marina of
the decision.
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