> > E.g.: gzip.xyz, is this based on a gzip unit or a gzip variable or...
> Does this matter to you ?
> Normally one never uses a fully qualified identifier.

And that can become a problem, when a variable and a unit has the same
name. That's why I do not only prefer to prefix type names with "T", but
also unit names with "u", form (unit) names with "f" etc. As prefixes
for specific kinds of units seem to be in use by other people as well,
why not prefix all units?

> Only when a possible name conflict exists, which
> - Should be very rare, and avoided in the first place.
> - In such cases it will be obvious from the context.

Okay, name clashes between unit and variable names should be detectable
easily. But then a decision has to be made, which of both names should
stay unchanged, and which one to decorate. My preference then is to
decorate the unit names, because these occur less frequently in source
code, and almost only in obvious Uses clauses.

I know that my private prefix style is a bit uncommon, as is my coding
style (indentation...). In shareable contributions I'm willing to follow
the more widely accepted standards, of course :-)


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