On 03.08.2019 15:01, Sven Barth via fpc-devel wrote:
In principle one could do that, though more often than not inside the compiler 
maintainability beats performance. I'd prefer an opinion of Florian and/or 
Jonas on this though...

Leaving the issue of current_filepos for a moment, the change would be this:
                 { VMT entry }
                 if is_new_vmt_entry(tprocdef(def),overridesclasshelper) then
+                { hidden params }
-        insert_struct_hidden_paras(_class);
I would say, this is quite maintainable: replacing one call for another.
After r41884, the insertion of hidden parameters is already tightly coupled 
with VMT generation. In fact, it is no longer VMTBuilder, it is now 
ObjectDefPostprocessor :)

What difference would it make for closures? In the end you'd still need to 
ensure that handle_calling_convention isn't called twice.

1) I would rather ensure it on a per-method basis;
2) I would rather add a check inside the combined loop above, instead of 
modifying insert_struct_hidden_paras and needlessly affecting RECORDs.

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