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How is everyone doing?  Sorry for my silence - been a bit tied up with things in life.  Anyway, that aside, has there been any further progress on reviewing the x86_64 optimizer overhaul over at https://bugs.freepascal.org/view.php?id=34628? I ask because I've sort-of blocked myself in any further improvements to the peephole optimizer.

The other one that requires further review is the node semantic pass work over at https://bugs.freepascal.org/view.php?id=35857 - I figure there could be some improvements I could make, especially in regards to efficiency, but it would be easier to do with the applied patch rather than from scratch.  Also, some future optimisations might benefit from further analysis of node structures.  For example, if the Free Pascal Compiler is to build a project supporting AVX and FMA, it would be easier to convert vectored addition and multiplication routines into a single fused multiply-add instruction at the node level instead of in the peephole optimizer - true, it would still be possible to do it at this stage (and it might still have to in order to catch every possible case), but there's a risk that the vector is broken up into individual scalars before it reaches the peephole optimizer. In particular, I'm looking at units like "uComplex" that would greatly benefit from this, since the 'complex' data type is generally stored as two sequential double-precision floating-point values, this exactly filling a single XMM register where operations like addition and subtraction are component-wise (also, the operations as defined in the unit are inlined, so theoretically can collapse into a single (V)ADDPD instruction).

I'm still working on 'pure' functions on the side, so this is not a lost cause!

Gareth aka. Kit

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