On Sun, 27 Oct 2019, Martok wrote:

Am 27.10.2019 um 17:48 schrieb Florian Klämpfl:
I guess the main difference is whether one prefers side-by-side
diffs or udiffs.

In particular partial commits as well as conflict resolution work much better with TortoiseGit for me.

Oh yeah, conflict resolution is the thing nobody really gets right, but TGit is
a bit less wrong.
I've pretty much resigned myself to Ctrl-F ">>>>>"...

By the way, many people seem to use git on the client side... I remember there
were talks about moving the main repo to git. What happened to that?

Boring job nobody wants to do?

Haha, thought so :D

Not really. We will move to git after 3.2 is out. Moving now would interfere
with the release process too much.

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