Does this process use gcc to do the compile, instead of fpc directly? If it does, I will dig into making it compatible with Parallax's line of propeller boards, since it now supports GCC to generate code for the propeller 1 and 2 boards.  Being able to program these in pascal would be wonderful.  Parallax has a series of SBC products, including the basic stamp, a java stamp, (no longer produced), and as mentioned, the propeller boards.  They also have several robot packages that can be programmed via the propeller or basic stamps, so if the esp board code does work, and it calls gcc for it's work, I'll certainly be interested in tackling making it work with the propeller boards, I think that could help some folks start using those boards.

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Am 19.09.22 um 08:10 schrieb Christo Crause via fpc-devel:
I'm trying to get a minimal embedded example working, but there seems to be some issues with the linker script and the startup code. Is there a working (simple) example I can study? Or are further tweaks needed to get the embedded target working for ESP8266?

Not sure if it ever worked. I guess you looked already at the (little) information in the wiki?

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