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> Does this process use gcc to do the compile, instead of fpc directly? If
> it does, I will dig into making it compatible with Parallax's line of
> propeller boards, since it now supports GCC to generate code for the
> propeller 1 and 2 boards.  Being able to program these in pascal would
> be wonderful.  Parallax has a series of SBC products, including the
> basic stamp, a java stamp, (no longer produced), and as mentioned, the
> propeller boards.  They also have several robot packages that can be
> programmed via the propeller or basic stamps, so if the esp board code
> does work, and it calls gcc for it's work, I'll certainly be interested
> in tackling making it work with the propeller boards, I think that could
> help some folks start using those boards.

The compiler typically generates target CPU specific assembler code, which
requires an external assembler and linker to generate the executable code.
I don't know much about the Parallax controllers, but it appears to be a
distinct architecture (not ARM or MIPS for example) not yet supported by
FPC, so would require a new compiler backend AFAIU.

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