These are nice but don't actually use the code in rtl/inc/sortbase.pp - maybe they can be adapted though.


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Hi everyone,

I just need to touch on the knowledge base.  What tests exist that test
the functionality of rtl/inc/sortbase.pp?  As Olly suggested, I'm
looking at creating Introsort for this unit as well, but I need to know
if such a unit already exists or if I need to make my own.
Some times ago I wrote a couple of merge sort routines to use in BWT,
the project never goes further so they remain at level of numerical
values input only.
They should have a good worst case scenario.
In the merge.pas the parameter nrm has to be false when the dimension
of the array is not a power of two.
There also is a check head-tail of the blocks to move in a single pass
the smaller one.
The natural.pas is recursive in the initial division in blocks and allow
for adaptation for inputs already sorted.
If you find them useful, you are free to made anything you want.

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