slow development but it is the best compiler ever ;)
i hope i can see fpc 4.0 befor dying  :D

2016-10-11 21:59 UTC+02:00, Sven Barth <>:
> Am 11.10.2016 19:57 schrieb "Tony Whyman" <>:
>> What's the timetable for the next release? Can we assume that all of
> "trunk" will be in it or will it be more nuanced?
> The next release will be 3.0.2 (soonish) which will contain quite some
> fixes compared to 3.0.0, but definitely not everything and most importantly
> no new compiler and/or language features. That's for the next major release
> (3.2.0) for which we currently have no timetable (but as a very rough
> estimate one can say that it's around two years between major releases).
> Regards,
> Sven
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