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> Hi, actually getlasterror only applies to the calling thread,
getlastOSerror is the one not to use.

GetLastOSError merely calls GetLastError on Windows...

> Anyway I think I found the solution.
> Just for kicks I put in a name with a / I.e /test_name and getlasterror
came back with the same error.  So the API is being called somewhere with
teventobject.create, anyway instead of leaving name blank I put a giud in
for the name and low and behold the error stopped.  It appears there is a
limit or a bug on creating unnamed events from a single process.   When you
leave name blank the os must be creating a unique name somehow and it has
some issue with a lot of them being created and destroyed. When I compiled
as 64bit it took much longer for the error to happen.  After I used the
guid for the event name I stress tested the server with 10s of thousands of
connection and disconnecting and that error never happened again.
> So windows limit or bug? Or could it be a bug in  FPC?

Do you destroy the event again once it's no longer used? Of course if you
require the events the whole time it might indeed be a Windows limitation.

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