Am 15.10.2016 09:52 schrieb "Snorkl e" <>:
> Sven,
> Your idea worked.  I downloaded the FPC source and made that change and
then built everything to another directory.
> modified the fpc.cfg to not point to the FPC dir in the Lazarus folder
and made the path changes in the Lazarus IDE.
> Compiled the project with the fresh build and did the same stress test
and no issues with error 161.

Thank you for confirming.

> Should I do bug report in the FPC bug tracker?  Do you think the fix will
be able to be included in the next FPC release?

Please file a bug report so that it's not forgotten. Considering that it's
a serious bug regarding events (and maybe others that have names, I'll have
to check that) I hope that I'll get approval to have it merged to 3.0.x.

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