On Sat, 15 Oct 2016, Luiz Gonzaga de Oliveira Neto wrote:

Hello all,

As mentioned in a previous e-mail, I'm having my first contact with Pascal
during my Masters research, trying to compile a code provided by a

The first mistakes I had regarded the *memavail *and *maxavail* functions,
which I've read are not supported anymore. I believe I have overcome these
issues, but I still get the following error:

OPTIQAP.PAS(18,21) Error: Identifier not found "HeapError"
OPTIQAP.PAS(19,6) Error: Identifier not found "HeapError"

As I mentioned in the previous e-mail, this code was provided by me by a
reputed professor, so I have reasons to believe it's correct. My question
is: do you know if this error could be happening due to some version
incompatibility or some missing flag during compilation? Or is it probably
caused by some mistake in the code? Or would you need more information to
answer this?

Sorry if the question is silly, as I've mentioned, this is my first contact
with Pascal and FPC.

This is possibly code intended for Turbo Pascal. The HeapError identifier does not exist in Free Pascal. At least, I have not found any.

In some old Free Vision code, I found a reference to HeapError which seems
to be a callback function variable, but it is not active for Free Pascal. I suggest you simply remove any lines that contain HeapError.

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