On 15/10/16 20:00, Michael Van Canneyt wrote:
issues, but I still get the following error:

OPTIQAP.PAS(18,21) Error: Identifier not found "HeapError"
OPTIQAP.PAS(19,6) Error: Identifier not found "HeapError"

This is possibly code intended for Turbo Pascal. The HeapError
identifier does not exist in Free Pascal. At least, I have not found any.

In some old Free Vision code, I found a reference to HeapError which seems
to be a callback function variable, but it is not active for Free
Pascal. I suggest you simply remove any lines that contain HeapError.

I've got a 5.0 manual to hand [blows dust off, coughs]. The function takes size (bytes?) as parameter, returns 0 by default indicating that a runtime error should be raised, but may alternatively return 1 (New or GetMem should return Nil) or 2 (New or GetMem should retry).

Presumably it's in there to allow normal memory management to be augmented with application-specific garbage collection, I've seen this in the Pascal source for a Prolog system (not the Spivey one).

Perhaps Michael et al. would confirm this, but I'd expect FPC to use the OS's memory management including virtual memory, so within limits I'd not expect to see memory exhaustion in finite time. The residual use of this function is to return Nil rather than forcing a run-time error if there is an allocation problem.

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