Thanks Michael.

> No, simply probably no-one knows the answer or the few knowledgable people
> didn't see your message. 

OK I agree the problem is complicated it is the reason why I ask this to fpc
+ freebsd forum.

But here I ask something simple : What option is added to linker when -XX
parameter is used?

If you do:

fpc -s -XX test.pas, in the produced, *--gc-sections* option is
added to ld option.

So it seems that garbage collection must be enabled to do a smartlink.

And if this is right, using  garbage collection in FreeBSD 32 bit produce
code not usable in Multi-arch.

There in FreeBSD forum, they cannot admit that fpc uses  *--gc-sections*
option in ld when fpc -XX is used.


Many thanks ;-)
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