Yeh, the cavalry finally arrives, I am saved. ;-)

> it is then the linkers job to link only the object files that are needed
> (and really used in the application) to make the executable. 

Yes, yes, yes and re-yes.

> I guess showing them the content of the file is all that they
> should need as proof.

Huh, it is already one week (7 days) that I repeat it on each answer.

> Some developers are harder to convince about potential problems or bugs. 

Yes but here it is different. Did you see that they do not want that I
answer any more?

Sincerely, if it was for one of my project, I never will fight and accept to
be insulted in each of their answer, this more than a week.

But here it is about the honor of fpc who was accused to produce bad code.

> The alternative (if you know exactly what the problem is), is to modify
> the ld linker yourself and see if it then works on your system.

Yep or prove that a gcc or clang or llvm compiler that use ld +
--gc-sections produce binary not usable in multi-arch.


Thanks Graeme, I was beginning to think that I was in a nightmare without


Many thanks ;-)
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