On Tue, May 12, 2009 at 2:48 PM, Eva Whitley <eva.whit...@noaa.gov> wrote:
> Probably doesn't exist but it would make my life easier if I could ask
> in Help and question using Word terms like:
> How do I get the header row to repeat on each page?
> Which Word translates to mean: "Repeat a table heading on subsequent pages"
> But the same phrase "Repeat a table heading on subsequent pages"
> Typed in the search box yields the source topic: "Placing graphics in
> table cells"
> And asking Frame directly: "How do I get the header row to repeat on
> each page?"
> Yields: No topics found.
> And the answer might be under "FrameMaker tables" but if it is, I can't
> figure out if it applies to elements for structural tables and table
> parts, and the help is fairly incomprehensible for a noob like me.
> I'm sure it's fairly easy but it's not intuitive to me, and it can be
> daunting to know how to easily do something in Word and be unable to
> describe that concept in terms Frame can understand.
> I'm running Frame8, and I have Classroom in a Book, but a good chunk of
> what it covers isn't applicable to what we do.
> Does anyone one else have this problem or is everyone here a guru?

Rick Quattro's TableCleaner plugin will let you convert body rows to
heading or footing rows, among other things, and is a must-have
(IMNSHO) if you are pulling Word tables into Frame. Or even if you're
just meddling with tables in general.

It costs $60, and can be found here:


Worth every penny.


Lin Sims

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