Susan Curtzwiler wrote: 
> I followed the directions below and all I got was a blank FMKR page.

Then the FM file or book for which you generated the list or index
doesn't contain any graphics imported by reference. FM doesn't know the
file path and name of graphics copied into the document (there's no

> Then I went to just make a list of figures as a stand alone file, not
> of the book file.

Do you mean that within a single FM file, not a book, you selected
Special > List of > Figures? OK, then in the Set Up List of Figures
dialog, you had to select the paragraphs to include (your figure

But now you've changed the subject completely. Lists of figures, tables,
etc., are lists of paragraphs in FM. That's very different from a list
of imported graphics, fonts, text insets, or other references.

> That worked great, I got the list.
> 1. Now, how do I alphabatize them. 

Select Special > List of > Paragraphs (Alphabetical) -- or for a book,
Add > List of > Paragraphs (Alphabetical) -- and select the paragraphs
to include.

> 2. Isn't there a simple sort feature like Word?  Seems like then I
> make the sorted list as a template and work thru the entire book.

I don't understand. 

> 3.  Is their an easier way to work within the complete book file to
get a
> full list of figures at one time?

What is it that you can't do with (from the book window) Add > List of >
Figures or Add > List of > Paragraphs (Alphabetical)?

> 4.  Also, make a list of tables.

What is it that you can't do with (from the book window) Add > List of >
Tables or Add > List of > Paragraphs (Alphabetical)?

> I want to use this same technique to make a list of the titles from my
> and arrange them  either by WI number or alpha to create a quick
> file for users easy reference.

I don't understand. But again, List of > Paragraphs (Alphabetical) will
give you alpha lists of whatever paragraph format(s) you want (like
Head1, Head2, ...). 

I don't know what a WI number is, but maybe if you spend some quality
time with the generated lists topics in the help or user manual, you can
figure out how to do something with that, too. FM's generated lists
functionality is pretty robust and versatile.


Richard G. Combs
Senior Technical Writer
Polycom, Inc.
richardDOTcombs AT polycomDOTcom
rgcombs AT gmailDOTcom


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