On 14 Dec 2012 at 9:45, rebecca officer wrote:

> For old versions like v7, Shlomo's ToolbarPlusExpress adds a back
> button to the toolbar, among many, many useful buttons.
> http://www.microtype.com/resources.html
> This plugin is one of the
> things I miss the most since we upgraded! It's only $25/licence too. 

Schlomo Perets' enhancements are available up to FM 10 (see 

You may also have a look onto my website: http://www.daube.ch/docu/fmaker66.html
Please note the line "See also  Version for FM 7.2/8.0, FM 9.0, FM-10"

If you just need this single function "GoBack" aka "Previous view", the Escape 
sequence can be 
remembered quite easily: ESC, v, P (or for the German FM: ESC, v, v).

Klaus Daube
Docu + Design Daube; Schäracher 11; CH-8053 Zürich
Technical documentation & consultancy; On-line and paper
F: +41-44-422 86 25  E: d...@daube.ch  W: www.daube.ch


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