I'm using FrameMaker 10 on Windows XP.

I have a structured FrameMaker file that somehow got a duplicate flow tag, and 
as a result, the document compare won't work properly:
"The document named New.fm contains multiple flows with the same name (A). 
These flows will be ignored when the documents are compared. Continue with the 

I'd like to get rid of the duplicate flow tag, so I checked the documentation 
about connecting text frames (Format > Customize Layout > Connect Text Frames), 
but when I try to do that, I get "Cannot change text frame connections. Flow is 
structured." Occasionally, I also get "OK to use a text frame that isn't 

So I'm worried that there are invisible text frames in there that are also 
called Flow A. If that's possible, how do I find them and delete them?

Fei Min
Fei Min Lorente
Senior Technical Communicator
Medical Division
ON Semiconductor
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