Read my note again. I didn't say CS6 would stop working. I said that files created in the CC version may not always be backward compatible with CS6. Right now, I don't know if CC has introduced any features that create files that aren't backward compatible, but each new edition of Photoshop tends to do so-- smart objects, etc.


On 7/17/2013 5:52 AM, David Creamer wrote:
If you already own a perpetual license version, you don't have to stop
using it. But if you start out as a renter, you do. And if you own a
perpetual license, such as CS6, and then rent CC as your new upgrade
path, when you stop paying, there's a good chance that your current
files will no longer open in the CS6 version, potentially rendering it
Where did you get that info?
If you have CS6 via a perpetual license it will still work even after canceling 
a Cloud subscription.
Naturally, if you have CS6 via a Cloud subscription (like I do), it will stop 

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