Ummm ... I believe that his point was that, in time, the file format used by 
the "ever-improving" versions of CC would become unreadable in the existing, 
"no longer upgraded" version of CS6. It is a highly likely possibility.

This is true for FrameMaker for example ... try reading FM 11 files in FM 7.2 
and you will see what happens.


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Subject: OT: Adobe 'Creative Cloud' (again)

> If you already own a perpetual license version, you don't have to stop 
> using it. But if you start out as a renter, you do. And if you own a 
> perpetual license, such as CS6, and then rent CC as your new upgrade 
> path, when you stop paying, there's a good chance that your current 
> files will no longer open in the CS6 version, potentially rendering it 
> useless.

Where did you get that info?
If you have CS6 via a perpetual license it will still work even after canceling 
a Cloud subscription.
Naturally, if you have CS6 via a Cloud subscription (like I do), it will stop 

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