Regarding tables: You can do it within FrameMaker with Paste Special to UTF
Text and get good results. Tables have to be reconstructed with the convert
to table function within FM, but weirdnesses are filtered out. The table is
pasted as tabbed text.


Anything else, including opening the file directly in FrameMaker seems to
add padding to cells in tables. As Chris says, you can't get rid of it. MS
doing some mischief no doubt to ensure incompatibility.




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Subject: Re: mapping table mystery--or is it misery?


>>I think I recall copy and paste from Word doing that. If you reformat
>>then the tag will no longer exist in the catalog.

Actually, copy/paste from Word can cause even more mischief. I never paste
directly from Word into Maker -- I always paste into a text editor to clean
the stuff out, and then copy/paste that into my document.  Why???

When you paste, Maker does the right thing and converts Word pgf styles into
Maker formats.  But if you paste into a table, or if you paste a table, then
the newly created format might end up in your table catalog.  Part of a
table format in the table catalog is the default pgf format for a table
cell.  But there's no way to get rid of that pgf format once it's there
(except by editing MIF).  As a result, the pgf format might include a font
or language you don't have on your system.  Then, whenever you open the
document, you will get messages about unsupported fonts!  Yet you can never
search through the document to find them and eradicate them.  I suppose this
could lead to a crash if you save as PDF and the font is one that gives
Acrobat serious problems (maybe, but not tested as far as I know).  

So the moral of the story is, really try to avoid copy/paste from Word into


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