Frankly, I don’t see how Adobe gets away with this. What would be the reaction 
if the Microsoft Word reader was incompatible with Word? Much bad karma, most 
likely.  Must be the Cool Factor…. which I enjoy.


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printer driver


Well, if Reader is so incompatible with Acrobat it would be a GREAT idea if 
Adobe's installation software for Reader checked for an installation of Acrobat 
before installing itself. (Duh!) <-Hint to Adobe


That being said, except for this single problem I've had no other conflicts 
with Reader and Acrobat being installed together. But there really is no need 
for installing both of them. I thought I was installing only the browser 
plug-in when I updated via the Norton security suggestion.




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On 2013-Oct-02 11:58 AM, Craig Ede wrote:

Nonetheless, after a couple of days of attempting both FM and Acrobat updates 
with no change, changing the default application that opened the PDF is what 
finally resulting in getting a working PDF printer. It was a Acrobat update 
that finally did the trick, BTW, but since FM is linked to Distiller, it seems 
to me that should be part of its update function, but maybe not.

I'm just reporting what worked for me. Despite occasional problems like this 
I've never had to reinstall either application from scratch.

Another note: It was an update to Acrobat Reader 11 as a add-in to my browser 
through a security recommendation of my Norton security software that 
originally triggered the problem of losing the PDF printer.


As Dave Stamm pointed out, it is highly likely that your problem was caused by 
conflicts between multiple versions of Acrobat/Reader; and Dov Isaacs, Adobe's 
PDF guru, has warned against multiple installations countless times.

If you have Acrobat, do NOT install Reader!

"Acrobat and Adobe Reader have numerous components that have similar 
functionality and can cause conflicts on a machine. The most prevalent among 
these conflicts involves the plug-ins for rendering PDF files in the browser, 
PDFMaker inside Office Applications, and the Adobe PDF printer."

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