Ah, thanks for the tip! I hadn't actually spotted the Fonts pod yet. 
( /Grumbles/ if Adobe provided a proper printed manual these days, then I might 
be able to find these things more easily! :) )

The Fonts pod seems to have sorted things for me. 

One the downside, I found it a bit ambiguous what it was doing - I wanted to 
make sure it was changing the *paragraph styles*, not applying ad-hoc font 
overrides to everything? (As that would be crazy, right?) .... but I'm 
optimistically assuming it was doing the former.

One great thing, though, was that it lists all those instances of phantom fonts 
where, obtusely, FrameMaker insists they are being "used" in the document, but, 
tellingly, the Font pod can't show any instance of where they are being used. 
(This is because they aren't, er, being used... )
It appears to be a great tool for purging this debris!


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Subject: RE: How to purge unwanted fonts from Reference Pages?
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Hi David,

In FrameMaker 11 you can open the Fonts pod (via the View menu).
Then select the font which you have problems with and click on the
Replace icon. Select a font which you want to use instead.

Best regards


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