Hi Tim, 

you should always work with the fully patched version! 

Patches are available for download on the Adobe website: 


You have to apply all patches successively: first 9p230, then 9p237,
then 9p250, then 9p255 -- ok? 

Best regards - 

Tino H. Haida, Berlin 

Tim Pann: 

> I'm running Frame 9 on each of two Windows 7 laptops, which I'll call 
> computer A and computer B. 
> Computer A is running version 9.0p196. (A while back it was fully updated but 
> my hard drive crashed and I had to start over.) 
> Computer B is running version 9.0p255. 
> My problem is that on computer A I am not able to select a paragraph tag by 
> hitting F9 and then typing the first few characters of the tag name. For 
> example, I have the following: 
> b1Body1 
> bu1Bullet1 
> Naturally if I hit F9 then "b" it activate b1Body1. On computer B, if I enter 
> "bu" then I get to bu1Bullet1. On computer A, typing "bu" does not move me 
> from b1Body1 to bu1Bullet1. I have to use the down arrow key. 
> I suspect this has to do with my version. 
> So my QUICK question is, can someone help me understand what version to 
> update to from 9.0p196 to get to 255? And how to get that? 
> For a full explanation of why I'm asking this question, read on. It will 
> probably give you a headache. Thank you in advance. J 
> - Tim 
> Continuing, the second problem I have is that I cannot download an update on 
> computer A. Upon asking Frame to look for updates, I get the following 
> message: "The update server is not responding, which means it might be 
> offline at the moment, or the Internet or firewall settings may be incorrect. 
> Please try again later." (It works fine on computer B.) 
> This error occurs on my work network and at home. 
> Through some logic (I don't remember actually), several weeks ago I managed 
> to download the FrameMaker_9_0_4_win.exe update. (I didn't get it on computer 
> B because computer B tells me there is no update to p255.) Anyway, when I try 
> to install this upgrade on computer A it tells me that this update is for the 
> version p250 build. Then it quits. 
> I find that taking a screen shot of this email and turning it upside down 
> makes it more readable. 
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> privileged and/or confidential. If you are not the intended recipient, or 
> responsible for delivering this message to the intended recipient, any 
> review, forwarding, dissemination, distribution or copying of this 
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> received this message in error, please notify the sender immediately, and 
> delete it and all attachments from your computer and network. 
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