Mike's comment is interesting light of the fact that many people are moving 
away from WSIWYG "in this century." The whole XML-authoring world, with DITA, 
S1000D, DocBook, etc., is a move away from WSIWYG authoring tools. 
Increasingly, authoring content is being separated from rendering it for output 
(for example, with applications like Flare). In a sense, we are going full 
circle back to the division of labor that existing in the typesetting era. That 
is why there may be a revival in the LaTex world: it has always separated 
authoring and rendering.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing Inc.
585-366-4017 **NEW**

➢  Isn't LaTex a non-WYSIWYG application, though? I can't imagine working that 
way in this century. I don't think I've done that since Wordstar. :)

➢  Mike Wickham


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