Joseph, I would be grateful to be included in your explanation list.

To the LaTex advocates: What version/product/learning tools and resources have 
you found most useful? I'm not at all interested in
going back to some coding-oriented environment. 

It occurs to me that leaving FrameMaker cuts one's last tie to Adobe Acrobat, 
as well. One may need Acrobat to publish from Adobe
applications, but not to publish from anyplace else, of which I am aware. 

Best to all,

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Subject: So Long and Thanks for the Fish -- Migrating from FrameMaker to Flare


Hi all,


I have used FrameMaker for over 5 years. I have used it to produce thousands of 
pages of documentation. And I honestly thought that
FM was a great tool...for a time. Plus, the community was super helpful. 


So its with some regret that I am telling you that I am leaving this community 
and the TCS suite. I am adopting Flare as a
replacement. Please note I am no evangelist of Flare nor do I think that 
there's One Right Tool. FrameMaker can be a great solution
for some and if works for you then great. The reasons why I made this choice 
were driven by a specific business and use case


There are many reasons for this but that would cause this post to grow quite 
large and I didn't want to flood this community with a
gigantic post about why I am not using its tool anymore.


That said, my experience of why and how i migrated may be of interest to others 
in this forum. If you'd like a detailed explanation
and are curious to learn more, I would be happy to share those details with you 
offline. Feel free to email me.



Joseph Lorenzini



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