On 30/10/13 7:25 AM, Syed Zaeem Hosain (syed.hos...@aeris.net) wrote:
PDF generation with intra-document references is one of the limitations in 
Adobe Acrobat equivalents from other sources (when used with FrameMaker) - Rick 
Quatro had mentioned this in a response to one of my earlier posts too.

However, from TeXstudio (i.e., when using LaTeX), I can get intra-document references to 
work sufficiently well (not perfectly, I admit) in PDF output, so I stopped searching for 
an alternative to Adobe Acrobat. FWIW, now, the only reason Acrobat gets used on my 
system is because I have been too lazy to remove it as the "default" app when I 
look at a PDF, or when I generate PDF output from an old FrameMaker doc.

hyperref is your friend :)



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