Hi Rick,

I would use Photoshop. I've used both the color replacement tool and my method below. My method is not as fast as Stuart's suggestion of the replacement tool, but a complex subject may benefit from more tweaking than that tool provides. Both old and new images should be the same mode (RGB, etc.).

Presuming the new images also use clipping paths or their subjects can be cleanly outlined using selection and/or masking tools:

1. Duplicate one of the old images, remove the subject and use cloning/patching/healing to fill in the background if needed. Make this the base layer of the new image.

2. Looking at an existing and new image side-by-side, use adjustment tools (levels, curves, etc.) to tweak the new subject into a comparable color range.

3. Select the adjusted new image subject and import (on its own layer) into the modified background.


At Wed, 30 Oct 2013 07:47:40 -0400, Rick Quatro wrote:
I have a series of images that are color photos of a three-dimensional,
cream colored object. The objects have clipping paths around them and sit on
a dark background. I have some new images that I need to incorporate into
the layout, but their color is a different "cast", more gray than the other
cream images.

I would like to apply the original color to the new images. It would be best
if this could be done in the InDesign document, but if necessary, I can do
it in Photoshop. I just need to know the best approach. Any help would be
appreciated. Thanks.

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