Hi Rebecca...

There are two things here that you need to take into account. First is just getting cross-refs to remain linked up through the conversion process from FM to XML. Second is to get those cross-refs to reference the individual topic files that result from "shredding" the chapter-based XML files into DITA topics (assuming that you're planning on going to separate topics and not nested chapter-DITA files). Also getting the xref/@href format correctly build can be tricky ("<filename>#<topicid>/<elemid>").

Long ago I developed a plugin to handle all of this, and I've forgotten how to do it without the plugin .. although it can be done (with lots of scripting of various sorts). I recall that one thing to try is to import a template into the FM files that reformats the cross-refs so they include the Idref in the cross-ref text. Change the format so this is in some delimiters to make it easy to locate .. perhaps "[[<Idref>]]".

Maybe someone can provide you with more useful info.  :o


However .. what I'd suggest is that you download my FM2DITA plugin ..


Give it a try and see if it does what you need. If nothing else, it may give you some tips on conversion table development and ideas for tools that you can develop in-house. It's chock full of utilities that will make your conversion process easier.


Also .. there's Mif2Go which costs less and once you get things set up, will basically "just work".

Remember that one of the reasons to use DITA is to leverage to tools that already exist rather than needing to create your own. No need to reinvent the wheel, right?



On 12/8/13 2:00 PM, rebecca officer wrote:
Hi everyone
We're currently in the process of converting from Unstructured FrameMaker files to DITA using FrameMaker 11. The engineer who's working on the conversion has a question about cross-references. When he structures the document using the conversion table, he'd like to be able to save the Idref value for the cross-reference as an attribute in the element it is wrapped in. At the moment, when he structures the document, all he can manage is to wrap the text in a <xref> element. If anyone's got any ideas about how to do this - or about how else to avoid having to manually re-create thousands of cross-refs - I'd be really grateful! The engineer's happy with scripting, esp Python, so it doesn't have to be a purely FM solution.
Thanks very much,

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