My grateful thanks to Art and Syed for much help and moral support.

Syed - you were right, I should have tried MIF-washing the problem chapter 
first. After doing so, I got a .ps file that Distiller could distill, but with 
a Ps error, and recovery, producing a PDF with the message 'PostScript error 
(undefined filename)' where the problem graphic should have been - and thus 
identifying the problem file.

What Distiller actually said was 'A PostScript error occurred. FrameMaker is 
attempting recovery.' That's a *really* helpful error message ;-) And one that 
also implies co-operation between Distiller and FrameMaker, which I doubt.

I am reminded of some prototype software I once had to work with that died with 
the message 'Got surprised by error'.

So this is a substantial step forward: I now only have to find out what was 
wrong with this graphic (a PDF). Converting it to a TIFF fixed the issue.

Many thanks to all.

[These are all author-suppled graphics files - often a bit of a nightmare, I 


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