If there is anyone out there who is still using FrameMaker 7.0p577 on Mac in 
Classic, maybe they can help me with this problem, as I've wasted hours on it 
and I'm a bit desperate.

For historical reasons, I'm still on this setup. I reported earlier that the 
AdobePS printer driver, which I have used without any problem for a great many 
books and years, now falls over with the message 'The printer description file 
associated with this printer has caused an error (101)' on *both* Macs - and 
then FrameMaker crashes. I'm using the Acrobat PPD. This occurs even with a new 
clean installation of FrameMaker. Nothing significant has changed with the 
setups. I have therefore abandoned AdopePS.

So I am using the Apple Laserwriter 8 driver and writing .ps to file. However, 
I'm getting miscellaneous graphics-related errors that are sending Distiller 
(6) into a frenzy and an apparent endless loop. The main error appears to be 

'%%[ Error: limitcheck; OffendingCommand: 
%%[ Flushing: rest of job (to end-of-file) will be ignored ]%%'

after which Distiller goes a bit mad and reports completion figures of 
thousands of percent.

I have one offending chapter, and turning the graphics off in that chapter 
allows the chapter to distill without error. However, if I try the entire book 
up to that point, I still get errors.

I'm not looking for someone to fix this, but I'd be most grateful for 
suggestions for a sensible diagnostic procedure. Maybe isolating the graphics 
to separate files and trying to create PDFs from them?

[I do have FrameMaker 10 for Windows, but at present don't have a machine on 
which to run it.]


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