I also follow Dov's advice not to install Adobe Reader
and Acrobat on the same PC. And I also recommend to
use a virtual machine, if you really think you need Adobe

Syed, Dov warned not only in 2004 but also in the last years.
Therefore this is not related only to outdated software but
to our current versions. The latest comments are from 2011:
Admittedly this warning was not as strong as in the years before.

In previous e-mails Dov also recommended to test on an old
system with only few fonts and little "power". And do not forget
to test also other PDF viewers. And specifically also on Mac.

Best regards


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I guess my reaction is that the information from Dov at that link you found is 
from 2004 - almost ten years ago... on Windows 98 and Windows XP systems 
apparently, etc.

The results may be quite different today perhaps? Or maybe it is my approach of 
always installing Acrobat after Reader ...

<shrug> Works for me (and I ain't boasting ... merely reporting. :) :))


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Here are some quotes from Dov Isaacs of Adobe, one of our patron saints around 

 > Although you CAN have both Reader and Acrobat installed simultaneously 
 > (assuming the same version), it is very strongly NOT RECOMMENDED for a 
 > number of very good reasons. It certainly does not add any functionality to 
 > one's system...
        - Dov >

Here's a link explaining some reasons why:

 > I am sure we will get the inevitable responses from members of this list 
 > that boast about how they have multiple versions and/or mixtures of Acrobat 
 > and Reader concurrently installed and somehow get some or most of the 
 > functionality to work for them. On the other hand, there are a tremendous 
 > number of problems reported to Adobe that are suddenly cleared up when the 
 > user's systems are scraped of all concurrent versions of Acrobat and Reader, 
 > replaced by a single version of one or another. (Note that by "Acrobat" I 
 > mean any and all pieces of it including the Distiller, the AdobePDF 
 > PostScript printer driver instance, and the viewing program!)

 > But, some list members will complain, how do I know what the recipients of 
 > my PDF file will see on their systems if I also don't have a copy of Reader 
 > installed, or perhaps multiple versions of Reader and Acrobat installed? The 
 > response to that is to have test systems (or separate test partitions of 
 > your one system) that have minimal software installations (especially fonts) 
 > and a copy of the target version of Adobe Reader. That is the only way to 
 > truly simulate the user experience. For that matter, old, slower systems are 
 > even more appropriate!

      - Dov   >

I got the above results using "Dov Isaacs Reader Acrobat on same computer" as a 
search term on Google. There are more results.

I think the bottom line is that putting Reader and Acrobat on the same computer 
is not wise, but if you risk it, make sure both are the same version. You would 
be better off to set up a Windows Virtual PC with only default operating system 
and fonts if you feel the need to test a Reader view. Even then, which version 
of Reader will you test? Users use different ones. And don't forget to embed 
all fonts.

On 1/21/2014 12:39 PM, Tammy Van Boening wrote:


I have heard on many  occasions that you should not have Adobe Acrobat Pro and 
Adobe Reader installed on the same client, but I need to test something in 
Reader before I  pass a PDF off and all three of my available systems already 
have Adobe Acrobat Pro loaded. Is it possible to load Reader at all just for 
some brief testing and then uninstall it after the testing is complete, or will 
I encounter any issues by doing this?

Thank you,



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