Hi folks:

We are using FrameMaker 10 on Windows 7. We have two repositories (as a result 
of an acquisition): one in CVS and one in SVN. We are currently working on a 
project where the code and one of the manuals (it's generated from the code 
source) are in the SVN repository, but my text insets and shared graphics are 
in CVS. We'd like to avoid having to copy the shared stuff over to SVN, but 
considering FrameMaker's reliance on absolute paths (well, even a relative path 
could be a problem), is there a way to use something like an environment 
variable to specify the path to the shared stuff in CVS? Or is the only 
solution to mandate where everyone checks out the shared CVS files so that the 
absolute path always works?

Fei Min Lorente
Senior Technical Communicator
Medical and Wireless Division
+1 519-884-9696 ext. 2229 | Waterloo office
+1 519-831-4931 | mobile
+1 905-631-5724 | fax


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