I have 6-column tables taking up dozens of pages, with each row containing
only 1line of text. Due to the customer's request, I need to have the
change bars appear as individual change bars beside each row, even along
consecutive rows, rather than one solid change bar down multiple rows. Does
anyone know how to force Fm10 to do this? I've used tables before where
this was possible, but do not know which settings to adjust to make my
current table's change bars behave similarly.

I tried putting a paragraph return at the end of the text in a cell, then
changing it to be a run-on punctuation so that the row doesn't grow. Then
selected the changed text in another cell to apply the change bar, but it
doesn't work. Once I mark 2 consecutive rows that way, the two change bars
join and form only one when the display is refreshed, even with the hidden
paragraph return.


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