I think buying more than 4GB of RAM would be a waste of money for most
tech writers.

The only thing I've done in my work where I've needed more than 4GB is
testing server applications with large memory footprints. The rest of
the time I'm not using even half my 4GB.

Outside of work I run music software that's extremely memory-intensive
and 4GB on 32-bit is not a bottleneck.

On Tue, Feb 11, 2014 at 3:40 PM, Syed Zaeem Hosain
(syed.hos...@aeris.net) <syed.hos...@aeris.net> wrote:
> On a modern computer/laptop of the past few years, which are usually fully 
> 64-bit capable and _usually_ have more than 4GB of main memory, installing 
> Windows 7 32-bit is silly and wasteful. You end up not using the memory above 
> 4GB (actually, less, since the graphics cards and stuff also take up some of 
> the low-memory in a 32-bit OS load), etc., etc., etc.

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