I teach my students to make a shortcut to the Windows character map for 
convenience. The FrameMaker character map is awful. I point it out to my 
students, we have a good laugh and then forget it. 

Copy/Paste from the Windows map works well for us. 

I had no trouble with the infinity symbol with either Arial or Arial Unicode MS 
although the MS version is smaller. (Frame 11) 

I choose not to change the registry to use the Alt sequences. Most find the 
Windows character map satisfactory. 

One thing I did not see mentioned is that you must paste Rich Text Format. If 
you paste as text you get ? in most cases. 

Some of us set up our Maker.ini file to paste text only as a default. This 
solves many issues when you copy/paste from Word and other such programs. 
However, you must then select Paste Special from the menu and choose Rich Text 
Format to get the correct symbol. Could be that is why some computers work and 
others do not. 

Also, from an earlier discussion, if you open a Word file in Frame, you can use 
the character sequence \x0d in the Find box and change to nothing to clean up 
the hidden characters at the end of paragraphs that cause a number of issues. 
This is easier than a mif wash. 

Oran Petersen 


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