The Adobe Application Manager has worked pretty well in seeing these sorts of 
problems for me. I've never had to reinstall anything, but I've had the kind of 
"I no longer see the application" situation occur. As I say, the Application 
Manager solved these problems for me. I agree that Adobe is careless in letting 
users know how to deal with these situations. There should be a clear solution 
that doesn't involve reinstalling.


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> Subject: RE: Frame ate my Acrobat!
> Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2014 16:12:20 +0000
> The standalone version of FM always ships with a "headless" version of 
> Distiller that you have to extremely careful when installing if you already 
> have an existing full copy of Acrobat. The installer isn't very sensitive to 
> detecting the existence of your full copy, so you have to go into the Custom 
> installer settings and tell it to skip unpacking the headless version.
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> Subject: Frame ate my Acrobat!
> I just installed Frame 12 in all its icon-coloured glory, and now my Acrobat
> 955 has gone awol, Windows 7 didn't even understand the file extension any
> longer. How very rude!
> Hard to say how Acro 9 was extracted individually, since I installed it as
> part of CS4. Since CS4 hadn't heard of Frame's rather underhanded surgery, I
> had to 'uninstall' Acro 9 through CS4 first (it as still listed as installed),
> before I could reinstall it. The annoying thing is that, to get myself to v.
> 955, I have to run through the 19 or thereabout patches, since there's no
> service pack' equivalent. At least I don't have to go through the online
> activation rigmarole with CS4.
> ... Acrobat 9? Well may you ask! The last version before the GUI madness
> struck that left us keyboardists adrift, methinks, and I do like my IBM
> keyboard -- unless someone can point me to the keyboard shortcuts for all the
> functions packed into the menu bar on the right in v.11, and transform them
> from unknown unknowns into known unknowns? I could finally use one of my Acro
> 11 licenses! Mind you, in my opinion even a mouse-driven menu will trump a
> keyboard-driven one that is no longer available, any time of the day - a
> strange way to soften me up for Acro 11, though. Nice try, Frame 12! Oh well,
> tgif.
> Good weekend all!
> Mike


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