I figure anyone who owns a copy of FrameMaker 7 and MIF2Go has
adequate technical chops to deal with continuing to use them in
Windows 7.

Adobe hasn't fixed most of the bugs that affect me, and they've added many more.

FrameMaker is not 64-bit and probably never will be given that under
the hood there appears to be code dating back to the 1980s. As I noted
before, I found 64-bit Photoshop SLOWER than 32-bit. That wouldn't be
true if I'd been working with huge files like a graphic designer

On Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 1:26 AM, Davis, David <david.da...@invensys.com> wrote:
> Robert,
> Not wanting to be "on your case" /grins/ but you obviously have a fair amount 
> of IT expertise - many users don't, and I don't think the approach you are 
> recommending is going to suit them.
> Using legacy software is generally going to lead to compatibility problems 
> (both with files people want to work on, and with the operating system).
> Additionally, vendors support current software with security fixes - whereas 
> legacy software is left unpatched.
> And newer versions will tend to be compiled to take advantage of newer 
> processor instruction sets (and 64 bit architecture, ahem ;)   ... so can 
> work harder/better/faster/longer etc.

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