At 10:45 +1300 5/3/14, rebecca officer wrote:

>Check the character format and make sure the dictionary settings are right. If 
>it's set to "none" it won't get checked.

At 09:17 +0000 5/3/14, Harro de Jong wrote:

>Are you sure the paragraph or character format of that word doesn't have its 
>language set to 'None'? That would prevent it from being checked.

Good point, but no, it's not set to 'none'. It's only the one word that failed 
to be checked correctly.

However, this might be part of the truth, as the word 'upwardss', if inserted 
into another chapter in the same book, is correctly flagged as wrong.

If I search for 'language = none', I get large chunks of text selected, but if 
I reselect the same text manually, the character designer dialog shows the 
correct language (US English). Huh?

This copy was originally imported from Word... :-(


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