Hi Framers,

I recently subscribed to TCS5. Prior, I was a Frame 7.1 user with a bit of
Frame 10 & 11.

The Situation:

   1. on an intermittent basis, I want to publish, various Frame
   Unstructured Docs as "responsive html5 docs"
   2. and upload them somehow into whatever WordPress Premium blog template
   is suitable
      1. to retain the look of what I had in Frame, including tables and
      2. with little or no reformatting in such WordPress Template.
      3. In other words I do not want to waste time doing a cut and paste
   3. If this can't be done seamlessly via the above or by RoboHelp, can I
   download a WordPress Template into RoboHelp, or Captivate, and somehow
   get my Frame Docs to be re-formatted so future uploadings into WordPress
   will provide the advantages of #2 above?
   4. I have queried Adobe Forums and WordPress Forums and have struck out.
   5. Before I start using WordPress I need to understand the paradigm.
   (Fancy term.)

I specifically liked the idea of TCS where I can create blogs and publish
books for ePubs, I have journalized over a 25 year period, 25 chapters,
2,000 pages, in one book, containing 6,000 zircons of wisdom (controlled by
an Alphabetized Paragraph List) which are dying to see the light of day so
they can sparkle up the vision of needy marketing types: needless or needy,
you pick!.

If anyone can advise me on how to seamlessly propagate my baloney, I will
be eternally grateful. To show my appreciation, I will commission a
life-sized, pigeon-proof, plastic statue made of you which glows in the
dark and is impervious to revolutionaries who could tear it down whether or
not you have a goatee.



Ted Steinberg
Tenstar Business Partners
Minnesota, California, Costa Rica
Apartado 185-7150
Turrialba, Cartago, Costa Rica
506-2556-5044 [Costa Rica]
ted.steinberg5634 [Skype]

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