Hi Scott,

I will try your ideas except for writing a script. The only scripts I know
how to write are supposed to be humorous. although my two dogs and one cat
might disagree; a captive audience is a good thing, but I wouldn't go to
jail to prove it. Reading one's ideas to dogs builds confidence. Cats, not
so much!

I will let you know in a matter of days if the file in the cake you sent me
does the trick. *One of my dogs liked that one!*



On Sat, Mar 8, 2014 at 4:26 PM, Scott Prentice <s...@leximation.com> wrote:

>  Hi Ted...
> This is something that is on my list of things to "make work" .. someday.
> There are a number of ways to do this .. none, that I'm aware of, are close
> to being terribly reliable or clean. The option that I'd look into is to
> use RSS. WordPress can export and import RSS. I've done this to transfer
> content from one WP site to another .. it worked surprisingly well. So the
> key would be to be able to export your FM files as RSS, then that could
> import into WP.
> Of course it's not really that easy. You'll need to get an RSS file that's
> formatted in a way that WP can properly digest and shred into posts. I
> haven't looked into what that means, but in theory I believe that it's an
> RSS file that contains multiple entries with the content of each "post"
> formatted as HTML.
> I'm thinking of an HTML export from FM (of via RoboHelp) that you then run
> a post process on it to add the necessary metadata and wrap up the "topics"
> as "posts". Start by doing an RSS export from WP to see what it looks like,
> then figure out how to get your exported FM content to look like that. My
> tool of choice would be Perl. Export FM to HTML, then run a Perl script on
> it to make it right, then import to WP. ??
> Or .. wait a few months till I get around to doing this.
> If anyone else has done this or has any other ideas, I'd like to hear.
> Let us know how it goes!
> Cheers,
> ...scott
>  Scott Prentice
> Leximation, Inc.www.leximation.com+1.415.485.1892
> On 3/7/14 7:49 AM, Ted Steinberg wrote:
>  Hi Framers,
>  I recently subscribed to TCS5. Prior, I was a Frame 7.1 user with a bit
> of Frame 10 & 11.
>  The Situation:
>    1. on an intermittent basis, I want to publish, various Frame
>    Unstructured Docs as "responsive html5 docs"
>    2. and upload them somehow into whatever WordPress Premium blog
>    template is suitable
>       1. to retain the look of what I had in Frame, including tables and
>       figures,
>       2. with little or no reformatting in such WordPress Template.
>       3. In other words I do not want to waste time doing a cut and paste
>       remake.
>    3. If this can't be done seamlessly via the above or by RoboHelp, can
>    I download a WordPress Template into RoboHelp, or Captivate, and somehow
>    get my Frame Docs to be re-formatted so future uploadings into WordPress
>    will provide the advantages of #2 above?
>    4. I have queried Adobe Forums and WordPress Forums and have struck
>    out.
>    5. Before I start using WordPress I need to understand the paradigm.
>    (Fancy term.)
> I specifically liked the idea of TCS where I can create blogs and publish
> books for ePubs, I have journalized over a 25 year period, 25 chapters,
> 2,000 pages, in one book, containing 6,000 zircons of wisdom (controlled by
> an Alphabetized Paragraph List) which are dying to see the light of day so
> they can sparkle up the vision of needy marketing types: needless or needy,
> you pick!.
>  If anyone can advise me on how to seamlessly propagate my baloney, I
> will be eternally grateful. To show my appreciation, I will commission a
> life-sized, pigeon-proof, plastic statue made of you which glows in the
> dark and is impervious to revolutionaries who could tear it down whether or
> not you have a goatee.
>  Regards,
>  TED
>  Ted Steinberg
> Tenstar Business Partners
> Minnesota, California, Costa Rica
> Apartado 185-7150
> Turrialba, Cartago, Costa Rica
>  506-2556-5044 [Costa Rica]
>  ted.steinberg5634 [Skype]
> mtedsteinb...@gmail.com

Ted Steinberg
Tenstar Business Partners
Minnesota, California, Costa Rica
Apartado 185-7150
Turrialba, Cartago, Costa Rica
506-2556-5044 [Costa Rica]
ted.steinberg5634 [Skype]

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