It is also possible to lock a file permanently.
- save as mif
- open the mif file in your text editor
- in the <Document> section: 
  - change <DViewOnly No> to <DViewOnly Yes> [Esc-F-l-k]
  - below this line, insert <DViewOnlyNoOp 0xF00> [disable Esc-F-l-k]
- save the file in your text editor.
- for convenience, rename the file to *.fm (it cannot be unlocked via
Esc-F-l-k, so it cannot be saved as *.fm either, Framemaker won't mind)
To unlock the file, the above procedure has to be reversed.


Open the document and press Escape F l k in sequence. The second character
is lower-case L.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing Inc.

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