At 10:08 -0500 11/3/14, Craig Ede wrote:

>But you wouldn't be editing screen shots, would you?

No - in this instance is it most likely to be line art originated in 
FrameMaker's graphics editor that need to be improved.

>For extracting "whole" graphics like those, it might be better to do a saveAs 
>HTML and then use the graphics from the images directory.

Ah - the old Word trick...

> Also, MIF2Go can export to FM to rtf, which allows you to save from Word to 

At present Mif2Go is closed to me, but I expect everyone will heave a sigh of 
relief when I finally migrate off FrameMaker 7 for Mac ;-)

> From there you can use the PNG generated in the HTML directory graphics 
> folder. For editing the graphics, this might be slightly helpful in that you 
> could then just PDF the graphic(s) needed from that directory rather than 
> navigating through the FM document to find them. 

Sure: I don't need convincing that Mif2Go is a valuable tool, from what I've 
read here over the years, and from its user guide. Also, a whole new sunny 
upland of plug-ins opens up with a FrameMaker Mac -> Windows migration. Some 
slight compensation for the pain ;-)

Steve [Trim e-mails: use less disk, use less power, use less planet]

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