Open the HTML in a browser.  The idea of Smart Paste is that it knows how to 
take different formats of data on the clipboard and convert it to the given 
Maker Structure App on the fly.  Under the covers it uses an XSLT -- But It 
think the DITA Topic struct app comes with Smart Paste already set up.  DocBook 
may also be set up.

Anyway, if you opened the chapter in Maker, then it should be a ton of body 
paragraphs, with maybe a title, right?  In that case, saving as HTML will 
create a ton of <p> elems.  Copy those from the browser, and Smart Paste will 
turn them into a bunch of DITA <p> elems.  I guess this is kind of round-about. 
 But it looks like it would be very easy, and let the computer do most of the 

*  Open your chapter in Maker
*  Save as HTML
*  Open HTML in browser
*  Open a new DITA topic in Maker
*  Select the chapter and copy from the browser
*  Put the insertion point in the DITA topic/body and choose Smart Paste

Now you have the chapter in Maker, with structure.  

Smart Paste will go further than that...  It can do lists and tables, for 
example.  And nesting (I believe).  It's just my latest favorite feature, so I 
figure you should use it for everything, including databases and cleaning your 
closet.  :)


 From: Theresa de Valence <>
To: Chris Despopoulos <>; 
"" <> 
Sent: Thursday, May 22, 2014 1:52 PM
Subject: Re: Is there a fast way to wrap unstructured text into [Para] tags?

On 5/22/2014 12:10 PM, Chris Despopoulos wrote:
> I'd say what you're doing wrongly is saving as XML first.  Save your
> unstructured doc as HTML, then copy/smart-paste into the body tag of a
> new DITA topic.

I saved the file as .htm and the name of the file in Frame was still 
.fm, but I can see that the .htm exists. What do I open the .htm with? 
If I choose Frame, a dialogue box pops up wanting to know what kind of 
document it is, e.g. RTF Japanese, SGML, Text, XML


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