Hi Tim...

There are "top of page" properties for paragraph styles but not "bottom of page". The only way to specify vertical placement of content (within the same flow) is to specify the "space above" or "space below" for that paragraph tag.

For the main body of each page, you'll likely need to use different elements to define the various types of content so you can assign differing para tags which apply the right formatting. For the content at the bottom, the only thing I can think of is that you'd set up that content as attribute values of an element rather than content, then you'd include that in the footer region of the page and reference the attribute values as header/footer variables.

Here's a rough example. First the XML ..

<page pm="Dr. John Manager" poc="Jane Poc / John Peosey">
<title>Test of invariance at the South Pole</title>
<subtitle2>NSF/PLR Award 9876543</subtitle2>

Then on the master page expand the footer area to accommodate the new info and use the header/footer variables ..

Running H/F 3 = "<$attribute[pm]>
Running H/F 4 = "<$attribute[poc]>

.. with a little tweaking, it *should* work.  :o

That's all that comes to mind .. not terribly complex, but a little tricky. Maybe someone else will have another idea.

Of course, there's also the scripting route. You could create an ExtendScript or plugin that performs whatever post-processing is needed. I think the header/footer variables approach would be easier for this situation, but if your formatting gets more complex you may need to get out the hammer.



Scott Prentice
Leximation, Inc.

On 6/3/14 9:01 AM, Bjokne, Tim (Contractor) wrote:
XML/EDD Vertical Text Placement in Structured Frame 12

I am relatively new to structured Framemakerand am looking for the way to control theverticalplacement of theXML contentviatheEDD,multiple textflows, or _____?_____.

I have a functioning EDD and Frame template into which I have successfully imported anXMLfile, which then takes on the font style as assigned by the paragraph and character styles. The problem is that the content is notverticallyplaced where I want it on the page. For example, some text that is imported needs to be immediately above the page number at the bottom ofeachpage,regardlessof how much of the page is filled with text, which varies significantly from page to page.

Attached is a PDF ofa couple of pages ofwhat the finished product should look like.FYI-To get the text to appear vertically where I needed it, I inserted carriage returns manually.Without those carriage returns, there would only be one line break between the various sections.

I assume (hope?) there issome way to control where the text appearsin StructuredFrame, not just the font style, size, bold, italic,left, right, centerjustification, etc.I have searched the web with every possible combination of search terms I could think of, but have had no luck in finding an answer.

Any help with this would be much appreciated.Thanks!






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