I made a similar complaint about the over-moderation and delays as of late on 
this list, and the message was never posted to the list... as I expect this one 
to not be posted as well.

Manual approval for every single message to the list is an outdated method. For 
those people who need help resolving problems in a timely manner, having to 
wait until the next 24- or 48-hour moderation point comes up slows down 
communication and resolution in both directions.

On an open list, responses can be made and viewed as fast as the parties make 
them. With manual moderation, party A makes a request, it's actually made 
public up to 24 hours later. Even if someone responds with an answer, THAT 
response won't be seen by the originator (unless cc'd) until another 24 hours 
pass, thus slowing down each response cycle to as long as 48 hours.

This list was not always manually processed like it is now. What brought it on, 
and was it approved by the list membership or unilaterally decided upon by one 
or two parties? For that matter, as Craig asked, who is actually in charge of 
this list?

For the list to be effective, the communication needs to be in real time (or as 
close to real time as email allows).


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Sent: Tuesday, June 03, 2014 8:52 AM
To: 'Ken Poshedly'; framers@lists.frameusers.com
Subject: Moderating framers WAS: FrameMaker graphics question

Statements like Ken's (below) argue for some loosening of the moderation of 
this list. It's one thing to block spammers (and troublemakers) but serious 
users ought to be able to post their questions without long waits and to see 
the answers posted by experienced users who are being moderated. [As a 
long-time framer I suggest this with a clear memory of the flame-wars that used 
to break out here every year and a half or so.]

Ken, you could also send a plea to the moderator(s) to pass you through without 
moderation. Who is/are the moderators at this point anyway?


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Sent: Friday, May 30, 2014 9:32 AM
To: FrameMaker Users List
Subject: FrameMaker graphics question

I did cross-post this elsewhere because -- for whatever reason -- I don't see 
my infrequent posts on this list until one or two days after posting and that 
just doesn't work for me,


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